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Are Touch Lights coming back vogue?

Are Touch Lights coming back in Vogue?

This is a new LED version Touch Light. Some exciting new features of the product...

This touchlight is operated by a 12V driver, similar to a USB charger.

Therefore, the whole light runs on 12V, instead of the traditional 240V.

This light has a great safety aspect, as running on 12V makes it child safe as there is no 240V

The next amazing point about this light is that it is still a 3 stage touch light, in the OFF position, it draws 0W on standby.

On the 1st touch, it only draws 1.5W. On the 2nd stage, it only draws 3.8W

And on the 3rd stage, at full brightness, it only draws 7W

This light is equal to the previous 60W version. Therefore it is a tremendous power saving concept

On the 1st stage, it is a great night light and very cost effective if left on for prolonged periods.

It follows the popular glass pattern designs that were previous bestsellers. However, this version has 0 gap between each glass panel, and are permanently fixed to the frame.

The benefits are it looks fantastic and there is no assembly required by the customer.

This light is also 500g heavier than previous versions, making it extremely sturdy

The LED globe is possibly life long

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